“Left In Limbo” – Will Australians Finally Understand What It’s Like to Be a Refugee?

On Friday, Australian Prime Scott Morrison announced that the number of international flights carrying Australian citizens and permanent residents into the country would be reduced, to ease pressure on the nation’s quarantine systems.

Even before the new measure was confirmed, some Australians overseas expressed concern. A petition drawn up by one ex-pat received 2500 signatures within two days of its posting.

“I think people are perceiving returnees from overseas as frivolous travellers that have been on holiday in Europe,” said Alexis Rosenberg, on ex-pat. “It feels like not only our Prime Minister but a lot of other [people] are turning on overseas Australians… Have a little empathy, think if this was your son or daughter trying to get back to you.”

An ex-pat Australian myself, I have my own view on the situation and what our response reveals about our society.

Read the full article here.

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