Introducing: Displaced

I’m excited to announce that I’ve started a new project!

I’ve started up a newsletter over on where I will be publishing weekly long form analysis and editorial covering the issue of irregular migration into Europe.

I’ve got some interesting ideas for where I might take it in the coming months, but for now I will be focussing on the politics of refugees in the European Union and the greater region, the humanitarian crisis unfolding for refugees in places like the Greek Islands, and broader issues of health, safety, and human rights.

I hope to keep a strong emphasis on the impact these big issues actually have on the real people who are impacted – the refugees themselves, as well as educate my readers in an accessible way about what are some truly complicated issues.

My first article is up now, you can find it here.

And if you’d like to subscribe to receive free weekly updates directly to your inbox, I’d appreciate it!

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