July 2018: From Santiago to Cusco

I thought it was about time I uploaded just a few of the snaps I’d taken over the course of my journey. These are from my first arrival in South America, in Santiago, Chile, through the Chilean desert to San Pedro de Atacama, then all the way to Cusco, Peru.


1 Santiago Allende
Statue of former Chilean President and Marxist Salvador Allende in Santiago, Chile, who was overthrown in a US-backed coup on Sep 11, 1973. The inscription reads: “I have faith in Chile and her destiny.” On the other side another quote reads “Much sooner than later, the new will open the great avenues where will pass free men to construct a better society.” Both quotes from his final speech on the day of his death.
2 Vive Piuke Mapu Landscape
The starkly beautiful setting of Vive Piuke Mapu 2018, a gathering of indigenous culture and environmental spirituality at which I volunteered.
3 Vive Piuke Mapu Altar
The main shrine at Vive Piuke Mapu.
4 Vive Piuke Mapu Meeting
One of many discussions held over the weekend.
5 Vive Piuke Mapu Me and Felipe
Me and Felipe, the organizer.
6 Vive Piuke Mapu Around the Fire
Hanging around the fire.
7 Vive Piuke Mapu Cooking
Cooking lunch!
8 Punta de Choros Ceremony
A ceremony held by the sea. Note the gringo’s deeply confused expression.
9 Punta de Choros Me and Paula
Me and Paula, who looked after me all weekend.
11 Ruta Cinco Dawn
Sunrise in the Atacama Desert as I hitchhiked along the Route 5 to San Pedro de Atacama.
12 Ruta Cinco Side Mirror Selfie
Side-Mirror Selfie from the cabin of the truck that took me hundreds of kilometres through the desert.
13 Ruta Cinco Industrial
One of the industrial sites dotted throughout the desert wastes – this one a refinery for the nearby mines.
14 Ruta Cinco Soccer Field Mountains
Makeshift soccer pitch by the side of the road.
15 San Pedro Church
The old church in the town of San Pedro de Atacama
16 Valle De La Luna Passage
Valle de la Luna, just outside San Pedro de Atacama

17 Valle De La Luna Chamber18 Valle de la Luna Panorama19 Valle de la Luna Me20 Valle de la Luna Dune

21 Valle de la Luna Cloud
This and the shot below were taken within seconds of each other.
22 Valle de la Luna Bright
The clouds made the desert move before your eyes.
23 Valle de la Luna Bike
The trusty bicycle I used to ride around this spectacular landscape.
24 Valle de la Luna Selfie
And my exhausted face after riding for so long  – that’s salt on the surface in the background!
25 Valle de la Luna Back to San Pedro
The road back to San Pedro de Atacama
26 Ruta Cinco My Pack
My hitch-hiking post just outside Calama. I had no luck here. Only heading back to town was I picked up.
27 Ruta Cinco Sunset
A final Chilean sunset on my way to Peru. From San Pedro it was a 36-hour journey to arrive at my next destination…
28 Cusco Plaza Mayor
Midday at the Plaza de Armas – Cusco. That’s Pachucuti on the right, great emperor of the Incas, and the Church of the Companions of Jesus on the left.
29 Cusco Courtyard
One of the many beautiful courtyards of the city.
30 Cusco Cathedral
The Basilica Cathedral of Cusco – one of many incredible churches in the city.
31 Cusco Sunset
Sunset from Plaza Santa Ana

One thought on “July 2018: From Santiago to Cusco

  1. oh dear, i remember our times toghether and i really hope that someday our ways can found a point toghether again. I see this picturea and my wishes of travel up more and more hahahaha but in only one month more i will be in hollidays and all will be calm again.

    God bless you brother and friend!


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