October 2018: Bolivia

1 Valle Grande Che
On October 9, 1967, Che Guevara was executed by the Bolivian Military after waging a guerrilla campaign in the country. His body was taken to the town of Valle Grande, where it was housed in the local hospital before being buried in an unmarked grave. The morgue where his body was stored has since become a place of pilgrimage and curiosity. On the anniversary of his death, a friend and I visited the hospital, where we were snuck in by a local who may or may not have actually worked there and shown to the place where the Marxist Revolutionary’s body was stored.
2 Che Newspaper
A week or so later, I was rummaging through the collections of a library in Sucre when I came across old newspapers reporting on the conflict. The headline reads: ‘El Che Guevara is very sick, declares newly captured guerrilla.”
2 Samaipata
The retreat near the town of Samaipata where I participated in an Ayahuasca Ceremony – full post on this coming soon.
3 Samaipata Plaza
The main plaza of Samaipata. (Read about the town here)
4 Sucre
Sucre – Bolivia’s capital.
5 Avocado Market
The day I died and went to heaven.
6 Sucre Street Art
Street art in Sucre
7 Sucre Courtyard
Recoleta, Sucre

8 Sucre Street

9 La Paz
Plaza Murillo in La Paz, the seat of the country’s national government

11 La Paz Market

12 La Paz Bridge
At 3640 metres, it’s one of the highest major cities in the world. 
13 La Paz Teleferico
The city has a sprawling network of cable-cars to help the citizens traverse the heights.

14 La Paz Vista 2

14 La Paz Vista
A view of La Paz from the cable-car.

15 La Paz Building16 La Paz Building17 La Paz Plaza

18 La Paz Pedestrians
Young Bolivian men, in particular, seem to like North American culture and fashion. It is the older women of the country who still champion traditional dress and customs.

19 La Paz Derelict Building

20 La Paz Market Dia Del Muerte
This market street – like the rest of the city – was as silent as the grave on November 2nd – Dia del Muerte.

21 La Paz Street Art

22 Valle de la Luna outside La Paz
Valle de la Luna, outside La Paz

23 Valle de la Luna

24 La Paz Cemetary
On my final day in the city, I detoured through the general cemetery, and stumbled across some of the most amazing art painted on the sides of the longhouses of the dead.

25 La Paz Cemetary27 La Paz Cemetary28 La Paz Cemetary

29 Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca – the highest commercially navigable body of water in the world.
30 Cochabamba Church
The Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana, on the shores of Lake Titicaca.