October 2018 pt. 2: Salt & Silence

Alright, so I’ve been lazy while I’ve been here in Barcelona and haven’t written anything for the blog. No, not lazy, busy. Very busy. Anyway, I still have a huge backlog of photos, so I can always stall with them!

Here are the happy snaps from my tour into the Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia’s southern salt flats.

Read my post about it here.


2 the road to uyuni 2
I fell asleep on a bus and missed my stop, ending up on the Argentinian border. The bus trip back to where I originally had wanted to go was like a scenic tour.
3 atocha a stop on the road
We passed through little mining towns built around desert rail road tracks.
4 cementerio de trenes
The first stop on the salt flats tour was the train cemetery just outside the town.
5 cementrio de trenes
The trains are relics of Bolivia’s mineral trade with Chile.
6 cementerio de trenes
Now, they are something of a ridiculous tourist playground.
7 cemetario de trenes
Observe: Ridiculous Tourist

8 cemeterio de trenes

9 salar
The Salar de Uyuni.

10 me in the salar11 salar12 holding salt13 salar reflections14 salar me

15 behind the scenes
As you can tell, we had some enthusiastic photographers in the group.
16 behind the scenes
Behind the scenes at the shoot. 
17 a pinch of salt
This will be a winner on instagram for sure.
18 pillar of salt
Cairn of Salt and Sky.
19 selfie
Nomad Selfie with Cracked Front Camera.
20 feet
It was probably good for you I reckon.
21 lunch on the salar
Afternoon Tea at 12,000 Feet.

22 more reflections23 dakar24 flags

25 isle of cactuses
The salt flats there are the largest in the world.
26 salt flat sunset
Sunset on Day 1. Which we almost missed, speeding back across the salts in search of my dropped phone. Found it, though!
27 train tracks to nowhere
First Stop of Day 2: These tracks run through ancient lake beds and long-dormant volcanoes.
28 volcanic rock
The primordial lava flows shaped the rock into flowing waves.
29 flamingos
In these lagoons in the crown of the world, flamingos snack on microbes in the water. 
30 viscacha
And viscachos wait by the side of the roads for the tourists to drive by and give them snacks.

31 desert

32 desert fox
Met my spirit animal in the desert!
33 red lagoon
The blood-red colour of the water is caused by swarms of algae that grow inside. The white shores are borax.
34 geysers
As well there are geysers that vent sulphuric gas from the veins of the volcanoes below. 
35 model shot geyser
Pose accomplished with expert assistance from Mehdi.

36 blue lagoon


Read my full report on my tour here.



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