Eventbrite Communications Campaign

Client: Eventbrite

Industry: Events Management & Promotion

Assignment Blog Articles, Email Copy, Handbook Localisation

Link: Link to COVID-19 Event Safety Handbook (Further links below)

I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing creative team working with Eventbrite to produce a range of content to engage event creators. This included editing scores of blog posts, contributing to email marketing campaigns, and helping to produce region-specific localisations of the COVID-19 Event Safety Handbook.

Not only was it fascinating to delve so deeply into the events management space, it was also a pleasure to be working with such a dynamic, international team of writers and editors.

Here are a few of the other blog posts I worked on:

How to Run a Successful Roundtable Group Discussion

The Ultimate Reopening Report – How Attendees Really Feel

Event Planning Tools: Your Box of Tricks for Efficient Event Planning

It’s a Win-Win: Increase Event Ticket Margins Without Overcharging Attendees

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